San Francisco: An Epistle

Dear San Francisco, 

Candy coloured houses.

I owe you an apology. 

I’m sorry I went to Seattle and said it was just as good as you but without the price tag. I’m sorry I was seduced by Portland’s brunch culture and thought you’d be too blinded by your own ego to measure up. I’m sorry I allowed myself to be embraced by LA’s warmth and enticed by its sushi. I’m sorry I was dazzled by DC’s worldly intellectualism, Asheville’s hospitality, and Denver’s charming schizophrenia. 

I love you, San Francisco.

There was cheese.

You, knowing this, set out to impress me anyway, which is one of the many reasons I love you. A day of perfect weather and mind-blowing food…a seat at Tartine (apparently impossible) and a reservation at the impossibly exclusive Frances on a Friday night… A quiet table with a window and a power outlet at Church Street Cafe in the effortlessly stylish Castro… A brilliant 6km run along the waterfront…followed (shamefully) by almond brittle with cinnamon for breakfast… A singer/songwriter in Ritual Café who could do amazing things with his voice. You gave me what I wanted, in spades. You love-bombed me. You offered bikes and coffee roasters that I reluctantly passed up. 

Fish are sensitive.

I needed more time with you. 

I’d said that about every city on the way, but this time I really meant it. 

Love, Dixie

We had these stickers at home as well.